We’re so excited to introduce even more unique Heroes to the Bitverse, starting tomorrow!

Be sure to hop onto thebitverse.io on December 19th to purchase your Common, Rare, Epic, or Legendary Hero Portals. Then, open your Portal to summon your Gen1 Bitverse Hero.

Who knows? Maybe this guy will be waiting for you!

Look at that mustache! That is a mighty mustache.

Take your Hero across the entire Bitverse, whether it’s Bit Heroes Quest, Bit Heroes Runner, or maybe you want to test the might of that mustache against other Heroes in Bit Heroes Arena, now in Open Beta.

See you in the Bitverse, Hero!

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As we have already announced, Generation 1 is coming on December 19, BUT you still have a chance to find some Bitverse Heroes Gen 0 on 3rd party marketplaces. In this blog, we will point you in the right direction!


Bitverse Heroes: https://rarible.com/bitverseheroes/items

Bitverse Portals: https://rarible.com/bitverseportals/items

Gamestop NFT

Bitverse Heroes: https://nft.gamestop.com/collection/kongregatebitverse


Bitverse Heroes: https://tokentrove.com/collection/BitverseHeroes

Bitverse Portals: https://tokentrove.com/collection/BitversePortals


Bitverse Heroes: https://opensea.io/collection/bitverse-heroes

Bitverse Heroes are available in all these marketplaces! Make sure to purchase ONLY from official collections.

Do you still have Generation 0 portals in your wallet? You can summon new heroes from them at thebitverse.io

Happy looting, Heroes!

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