Join the Bitversary Celebration! Limited-Time Exclusives Await!

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3 min readNov 9, 2023


Exclusive cosmetics during the Bitversary

Welcome, adventurers! Bit Heroes Quest is gearing up to celebrate the first anniversary of the launch of the Bitverse!

Join the festivities from November 9th to November 23rd.

Two dazzling sets of cosmetics are up for grabs during the Bitversary: the captivating Grimm Soul Set and the formidable Woodthing Knight Set.

The excitement doesn’t stop there! During the two-week event, you’ll have the chance to earn exclusive items in any game mode. Unlike our traditional collectible system that requires you to gather fragments, the event allows you to discover distinct parts of the set as you play. You may even collect the entire set!

Grimm Soul & Woodthing Knight in action
Grimm Soul & Woodthing Knight in action

Following the celebration, players will have the opportunity to purchase these stunning cosmetics in the in-game shop as well, so if luck isn’t on your side during the event, you’ll still have a chance to acquire these remarkable items and adorn your character with style and flair.

Bitverse Cooking Contest 👩‍🍳

Do you have a recipe for success in the Bit Heroes universe? Show off your culinary skills and creativity in the Bitverse Cooking Contest!

Prepare your tastiest in-game recipes, concoct a fresh batch of secret potions, and craft your best foodstuffs!

Stay tuned for the official announcement with all the delicious details and rules. Get ready to cook up a storm and prove that your dish is the most mouthwatering in all of the Bitverse!

Get your inner chef to fly high!
Get your inner chef to fly high

💥 Guild vs Guild Meme Competition

Let your creativity flow in the upcoming Guild vs Guild Meme Competition!

Unleash the power of laughter and test your wit by creating the funniest, most epic memes about Bit Heroes Quest.

Get your guildmates involved and turn your ideas into memes that will have the entire community rolling with laughter.

Visit our Discord for guidelines and submission details.

Make sure to verify your Discord account when joining our community to see the full server and event details.

Veterans Day Giveaway

You can also get your Poppy Pet from November 9th to November 15th for only 1 Gold!

Get your Poppy Pet

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See you soon adventurers!

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