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iWushock is a beloved member of the Bitverse community

It is time for another Bitverse community spotlight!

Today we are introducing iWushock.

In addition to his very busy life, iWushock loves making Bit Heroes Quest guide videos on YouTube. We managed to catch up with him between projects and sat down to talk about what he’s up to these days.

iWushock, tell us more about yourself.
I have had a wild life. I have been an athlete, a touring musician, and been a high level operations manager for a Fortune 500 company.

Currently, I am a Ph.D. Candidate in education and an assistant professor at a fairly large tier-1 university. I really enjoy going to the gym and playing video games in my downtime, some of my favorite games are the Diablo series and the Katamari series.

When did you start playing BHQ?

I started playing Bit Heroes Quest in 2017, right at the mobile release. There was an event for cosmetics, they were given throughout the week and I have half of them haha.

iWushock uses very cool cosmetics, SAY HI TO HIM!
iWushock uses very cool cosmetics, SAY HI TO HIM!

When is your favorite time of the day to play Bit Heroes Quest?

I really enjoy it when I wake up before the rest of my family and can have a cup of coffee while running my regeneration. I have the best RNG (Random number generation) at that time and also feel more relaxed.

Aside from that, I enjoy that because the game is mobile, I can just run a few things here and there throughout the day and not cap my regeneration!

iWushock is a devoted Bit Heroes Quest player
iWushock is a devoted Bit Heroes Quest player

What is your favorite Bit Heroes Quest event?

Fishing!!! Just kidding! I really like Invasion because I can either do long runs and see how far I can go or short runs to get through my energy, and I’m not punished for either play style. It lets me have so much freedom.

iWushock’s favorite mode, FISHING… just kidding.
iWushock’s favorite mode, FISHING… just kidding.

What familiar do you find more useful in Bit Heroes Quest?

Glarzdos is the most useful, but I have really enjoyed using Thundmolf and Teithyus.

Tank or DPS?

This is hard…. I have ALWAYS been DPS, and plan to go back to DPS, but for the past two tiers, I have converted to tank life.

What do you think about the Bit Boost event?

It helped me get the rest of the familiars I needed to make Volthai! I can’t wait to really get to use him and see what he can do!

The first Bit Boost event was well received within the community
The first Bit Boost event was well received within the community

How many Bitverse heroes (NFTs) do you have in your collection?

I have 1 rare and 2 common Bitverse NFTs to supplement my main hero

When do you start making videos on YouTube?

I started with my very first video FIFTEEN years ago! Just a couple videos to highlight some glitches for a contest on an old site I was a part of. I started earnestly making Bit Heroes content about a year ago, after spending more than 5 years learning the game.

You will find very useful BHQ information on his YouTube channel
You will find very useful BHQ information on his YouTube channel

What kind of content can the community find in your channel?

My channel is focused on informational videos. I’ve done [videos on] how to make a DPS build, Tank build, and what the modifiers mean, and right now I am going tier by tier and finding the best familiars available within that tier.

Do you want to know more about the game? Follow him on YouTube
Do you want to know more about the game? Follow him on YouTube

Here comes the merchant, with unique items that no one else can get. Would you rather pick a weapon or an offhand?

Offhand for sure. Main hands tend to get replaced too quickly… unless it’s a cosmetic….

The town is under attack! You can only save one NPC! Who is going with you, and why?

Ingrid. The very first zombie invasion turned her into a zombie, and she never recovered. I cannot let that be her whole story! Plus one less mouth to feed.

Oh poor Ingrid
Oh, poor Ingrid

Any message that you may want to share with the Bitverse community?

Come chat with us on Discord! It can seem intimidating at first, but in general, we all want you to enjoy the game and be successful. I’m always available to chat as well and love to see people grow in game!

Thank you, iWushock for your time and insight!

Stay tuned for more community spotlights coming soon!

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