Why Can’t I See My Hero in Metamask?

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3 min readOct 26, 2022


This is one of the most common questions we receive regarding Bitverse Hero NFTs — “Where is my Hero?” Players who bought a Bitverse Hero on OpenSea can view their NFTs. But why doesn’t it show up in Metamask?

(Bitverse Rare hero)

To understand this, we need to talk about “Layer 1” and “Layer 2” networks.

Layer 1 is the term used to describe the main blockchain architecture. This is the network in charge of on-chain transactions.

Layer 2 is the connected network in charge of off-chain transactions, and operates on top of an underlying blockchain protocol to improve its scalability and efficiency.

For example, Ethereum network is Layer 1 while Immutable X is Layer 2.

Layer 2 networks are aimed at providing a solution to the problem of scalability and also to help lower the costs of transactions.

For example, the Bitverse has partnered with Immutable X in order to have a reliable network, but this also allows us to have zero gas fees.

Some of the other benefits that Immutable X is providing are, as a L2 solution, are:

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Instant transaction confirmation and mainstream-quality UX
  • No compromise on user security
  • Retaining access to Ethereum’s ecosystem and network effects

The reason why you cannot see your NFT in your Metamask wallet is that the Bitverse Hero NFT is on Layer 2, but Metamask only sees the assets that you have in the main network (in this case, Ethereum — which is Layer 1).

In order for your NFT to be visible in your wallet, you have to move it from Layer 2 to Layer 1.

Immutable X has an article dedicated to this.

In the future, our plan is to have a system that allows you to play with your NFT, regardless of which network it's in (L1 Ethereum or L2 Immutable X) but, for now, the Hero needs to be on L2 to be playable. If you purchase your Bitverse hero NFT from thebitverse.io, this will be automatically in Layer 2, because it is connected to Immutable X.

Now that you have an idea regarding L1 and L2 networks, let’s have an example:

You decided to buy a Bitverse Hero NFT directly from our collection on OpenSea https://opensea.io/collection/bitverse-heroes. Why then can you see the NFT in your wallet after the purchase?

Because OpenSea works on L1.

Bitverse collection on OpenSea

Let’s go with another example:

You buy a Bitverse Hero NFT from our collection on Rarible.com (https://rarible.com/bitverseheroes). The NFT does not show in your wallet after the purchase. Why? Because Rarible integrates with Immutable X. It is a layer-2 platform that is made in order to enable NFT gaming on Ethereum

Bitverse collection on Rarible

Hopefully, this helps to explain the difference between L1 & L2 networks. If you still have questions, please feel free to reach out to our always-helpful support team at support@bitverse.zendesk.com!



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