Why Can’t I See My Hero in Metamask?

(Bitverse Rare hero)
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Instant transaction confirmation and mainstream-quality UX
  • No compromise on user security
  • Retaining access to Ethereum’s ecosystem and network effects

Now that you have an idea regarding L1 and L2 networks, let’s have an example:

You decided to buy a Bitverse Hero NFT directly from our collection on OpenSea https://opensea.io/collection/bitverse-heroes. Why then can you see the NFT in your wallet after the purchase?

Bitverse collection on OpenSea

Let’s go with another example:

You buy a Bitverse Hero NFT from our collection on Rarible.com (https://rarible.com/bitverseheroes). The NFT does not show in your wallet after the purchase. Why? Because Rarible integrates with Immutable X. It is a layer-2 platform that is made in order to enable NFT gaming on Ethereum

Bitverse collection on Rarible



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