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2 min readApr 11, 2023
Thank you for visiting our booth at GDC last week! It was great to meet so many heroes, get their feedback and compliments about the project

GDC 2023 is over, but we want to share our experiences with you, the Bitverse community!

The reception of the audience towards the Bitverse was incredible! A lot of people wanted to play Bit Heroes Quest on one of the iPads we had available at the booth, a line even formed to play.

Bit Heroes Quest was one of our most played games in GDC

It was great to see so many new fans downloading the game and talking about the different games the project currently has.

Thank you for visiting our booth at GDC

We want to thank all the NFT owners who came to share their experience with the Bitverse, provide us with feedback, and tell us about their expectations of the project. This could not have been done without you.

Receiving feedback from the community and talking about web3 gaming

Easter Egg!!

If you look closely at the previous image, a special event that Kongregate will launch in a few months was announced for the first time at GDC: KongJam! That’s right! We’re hosting a game jam and inviting all game developers to join us. Prizes of up to US $25,000 are available for our lucky winners. More details of the event can be found here. Good luck!

Bitverse Heroes Gen1 are available for purchase right now at thebitverse.io

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