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3 min readAug 3, 2023
Bit Heroes Runner is available for Android devices

Heroes, if you have been playing Bit Heroes Runner since before the global release (now available on Android), it is very likely that your inventory is full of amazing items and weapons that increase your score multiplier.

Bit Heroes Runner brings a new adventure every month, where you can visit exotic locations! Run through the Hidden Forest, descend to the hot Burning Fields, fight against pirates in Skull Bay or visit the peaceful Sakura Forest to the east, there are many areas to explore in the game. Throughout these adventures, both the enemies and the environment undergo changes to match the theme.

With the resume in-game Adventures, we invite you to check your loadout and make sure you’ve got the latest weapons and equipment — having these items gives you special bonuses.

Update your loadout to increase score multipliers

The Magnimumum Laurels legendary helmet gives you +7 to your multiplier while running in the Temple of Olympia. This score multiplier only applies to that adventure!

Items and weapons gives you score multiplier for some specific adventures

If you’re looking to increase your score multiplier, it might be a good idea to go with other armor — like the Knight Helmet — which gives you +3 to score multiplier during Hidden Forest.

Hidden Forest is the current adventure in Runner

Play, Play, Play to unlock items & weapons for bonuses in Hidden Forest! Climb the leaderboard and earn treasure chests to find more rewards and better loot.

The more you play, the better chances to unlock awesome equipment

What are you waiting for? Download Bit Heroes Runner for Android here.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t take the opportunity to remind everyone that Bitverse Heroes Gen1 are available for purchase right now at thebitverse.io. Your digital avatar is yours to own and stores its progress and can be used in any game within the Bitverse! Owning a Bitverse Hero grants in-game and out-of-game Perks. Read more by visiting thebitverse.io today!

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