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5 min readApr 28, 2023
thank you for your patience, unstaking is coming next week

Unstaking is right around the corner and we want to give everyone an in-depth look into the feature so you know what to expect once it’s live.

If you own a Bitverse Hero, you are likely already familiar with the “Staking” system, which allows your hero to be used securely in our games.

Unstaking allows you to “withdraw” your Bitverse Heroes from thebitverse.io and return them to your wallet to do with whatever you please! With unstaking, you can now trade your Hero, give them away to friends, or sell them on the open market.

  • If a player wishes to regain full control of their Bitverse Hero (to sell, trade, burn, or whatever else their heart desires) it must first be removed from the Bitverse through the process of unstaking.
  • Unstaking will cause the Bitverse Hero to no longer be usable in the game until it is staked again.
  • Please note that unstaking a Hero will remove account boosts that are associated with the Bitverse Hero (e.g. removing a Rare+ Hero will remove the Permagor boost) until staked again.
  • If you wish to use your Bitverse Hero in-game again, you will need to re-stake it (see guide above).
  • When you initiate the unstaking process, we advise that you stop using your Bitverse Hero in BHQ, BHR, and BHA or you may lose the progress earned between the time you click “unstake” and the process completes.

Unstaking is releasing as a beta feature as it’s brand-new tech for Bitverse titles and you may run into bugs while interacting with it. While we have worked hard to minimize the presence and impact of these, we advise that you only unstake your hero if you are ok with a potential delay before you’ll be able to interact with it in an unstaked capacity. This delay could take anywhere from 24 hours to the length of time needed for the development team to fix an unknown issue.

In the interest of preserving the integrity of our Bitverse Heroes we will be manually reviewing unstaking requests to check for the presence of anything suspicious before they are released back into the hands of their loving owners to be sold, moved, burned, or just admired from afar. More on that later in the guide!

How to unstake:

  1. Login to your Meta Mask account
  2. Head to https://thebitverse.io
  3. Navigate to the ‘Inventory’ page and find the Bitverse Hero you wish to unstake
  4. Click on the red “Unstake” button under your desired Hero
  5. A pop-up will appear prompting you to enter your email address and confirm that you wish to unstake the Bitverse Hero
  6. An Immutable X pop-up should appear with a ‘Signature Request’. Click the “Next” button, and then confirm you want to unstake by clicking ‘Sign’ in the next screen.
  7. Once signed, the transaction should process and the screen should update to show that your request is being reviewed by a Bitverse developer.
    Note — There may be a short delay before the screen indicates the review is underway. Do not try and unstake again during this delay!
  8. You should receive an email stating that the Bitverse Hero unstaking request is under review
  9. At this point, you’ll need to wait for our development team to review the request! The Bitverse Hero will not yet be transferred to your digital wallet, and it will not be usable in game.

Once we’ve confirmed there are no issues with your Hero, the development team will approve the unstaking request without any further action needed on your part. You’ll receive an email notifying you that your Bitverse Hero has been successfully unstaked and returned to your Digital Wallet.

At this point, you will still see your Hero in your ‘inventory’ on thebitverse.io in an ‘unstaked’ state. You can:

  1. Re-stake it to use it again (if you want your Bitverse Hero on a new Kongregate.com account, make sure to connect your digital wallet to the desired new Kong.com account and restake your Hero)
  2. List it on a web 3 marketplaces for resale
  3. Transfer it, burn it, or whatever else you’d like!

Additional Information & Denials

If you receive an email stating that your unstaking request has been denied, you’ll have two options on thebitverse.io: The first option is to appeal the decision by clicking the ‘Appeal via Support’ button, which will open a ticket for you to discuss the denial with Customer Support.

If the appeal is not successful, you will see a button under your Hero on the bitverse.io website that says “accept the reset”. Clicking this button will prompt you to reset progress on your hero.

  1. After hitting “Accept”, an IMX pop-up should open up asking the player if they want to transfer their Bitverse Hero. You should sign the transaction as described in the steps above.
  2. Once the user completes the transaction, the Hero’s game progress will be reset, and it should be immediately transferred to your digital wallet where it can be transferred, burned, restaked, or whatever else you’d like!

Important note: Appeals are reviewed by multiple members of the Bitverse team for accuracy and if a denial is received, it means something rather serious was found related to your gameplay progression. A vast majority of unstaking requests should go through smoothly, and we don’t anticipate very many folks will run into a situation where their unstaking request is denied.

Final Notes:

  • There will likely be quite a few folks trying out unstaking and due to the release, CS response times may be slower than usual depending on volume received.
  • A ton of testing has gone into the release of the functionality, but it’s the first time we are using this tech, which means we expect bugs to pop up during the feature’s Beta period. As mentioned earlier, if these potential issues are a concern, hold off on unstaking until we can iron out all the wrinkles.
  • We will share with the community when the feature is going live the day prior! Current schedules have this slated for next week, so keep an eye out for our announcement that we’re going live.
  • Providing staked Rare + Bitverse Heroes with their permanent Permagor boost is a process that typically happens once every 24 hours, so there may be a delay in getting your Permagor buffs back once re-staked.

An info session is scheduled for next Tuesday, May 2nd on our Discord sercer so we can go over this feature live, and we hope to see you there if you have any questions we can help answer!

Thank you for your patience while we worked on this feature, and we are excited about the next big milestone for our Bitverse Heroes!

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