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3 min readMay 3, 2023
The Bitverse has released the unstaking feature

Unstaking is finally here!

If you are already enjoying all the games in the Bitverse, you should be familiar with the staking system. You “stake” your Hero on the website, which puts the Hero in a “read” state, so it can be used securely in our games.

Unstaking allows you to “withdraw” your Bitverse Heroes from thebitverse.io and return them to your wallet to do with whatever you please! With unstaking, you can now trade your Hero, give them away to friends, or sell them on the open market.

Thank you community for your patience, unstaking is here


Login into Metamask, or your supported wallet, to start the unstake process
Go to account to review your Bitverse inventory

Click in the “HEROES” tab, and select the hero that you want to unstake.

Click in unstake, to change the state of your Bitverse NFT hero
Confirm the signature with Immutable X to complete the process

Our priority is to make this transaction as secure as possible. A support agent will review the transaction and review the request manually. Most unstaking can be done in a matter of minutes, but for specific cases, the process could take between 24–72 hours before the Bitverse NFT is available in your wallet. If there is a problem with unstaking your NFT, you’ll be prompted to contact our support team to follow up.

The unstaking process may take between 24–72 hours to be completed

You will receive a confirmation email from the Bitverse, and a confirmation once the unstaking process is completed.

NOTE: Your Heroes’ Permagor boost automatically ends when you unstake.

Once it’s done, your Hero will no longer display the gray safe icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the frame.

Your Hero can now be traded or sold on any NFT marketplace!

For more details about unstaking, please check out our previous Medium and AMA dedicated to explaining more about this new feature.

Don’t forget! Gen1 Bitverse Heroes are available right now at thebitverse.io

Go, Play!

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