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2 min readAug 16, 2023


The Bit Boost is getting Boosted

You spoke; we listened!

Your feedback regarding our current Bit Boost event has been overwhelming. Thank you so much for letting us know your thoughts. As a thank you, we’re making it even better!

Starting Thursday August 17th, we’re increasing the Bit Boost from 50% XP & Capture Rate to a whopping 200% XP & Capture Rate! This boost is on top of the Daily Bonus!

Are you stuck in a Zone? Are your familiars not performing on the battlefield? Need to gain some extra levels fast? This is it! The Bit Boost is a perfect opportunity to make your Hero stronger & to capture more familiars to upgrade your army!

More familiars appear during the Bit Boost

The Bit Boost is available until August 23rd, so take advantage of this boost before it’s too late. To arms, Heroes! There’s no time to waste!

Play Bit Heroes Quest now!

Receive a boost of 200% XP + CR on top of daily bonuses

Bitverse Heroes Gen1 are available for purchase right now at Your digital avatar is yours to own! Stores your game progress and take your Hero with you into any game within the Bitverse metaverse! Owning a Bitverse Hero grants in-game and out-of-game Perks. Read more by visiting today!

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