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The day is almost here!

November 16th is the release of Bit Heroes Arena!

Bit Heroes Arena is a 2D multiplayer, fantasy-themed battle royale RPG set in the Bitverse. You face up to 40 other players in a fast-paced fight to the finish, wielding powerful melee weapons and casting magical spells to be the last Bit Hero standing.

Become the undisputed champion by exploring an ever-changing map filled with fantastic monsters and mini-dungeons. Gear up for the next fight by looting epic weapons and finding powerful potions in your climb to the top. Defeat all other players before the deadly storm swallows you whole.

Loot, Fight, and Survive in Bit heroes arena

Game features

  • Weapon-specific skills: Hack & slash your opponents and parry incoming attacks with well-timed strikes; or blow them up from a distance with explosive fireballs. Switch your play style on the fly by equipping a different weapon you find on the battlefield, which unlocks a light attack, a heavy attack, and other special skills.
  • Status effects: Poison, blind, ignite, bleed, paralyze, chill or shock your enemies with your magical abilities. Equip special armor pieces that grant you resistance against specific status effects and unlock powerful synergies between your passive skills.
  • Elemental hazards: Set up traps for your opponents by creating pools of flames, patches of frost, or electrified ground to make them easier targets.
  • RPG-like progression: Level up by defeating opponents or finding EXP potions. Each new level allows you to improve your stats. Upgrade your gear by modding it with powerful magical effects or simply replace it with new shiny loot.
Non-stop action in this crazy Battle Royale

Attack types

Melee attacks: Light-close combat attacks for weapons like axes, swords, and daggers.

Projectile attacks: Light range attack with weapons like bow-and-arrows and magic wands and staves.

Heavy attacks: More powerful versions of light attacks that deal more damage.

  • Heavy attacks are executed by holding the light attack button for a set amount of time and then releasing it.
  • The longer the player holds the button, the stronger the attack!
At the beginning of each match, you can choose your starting weapon

Status effects

The Arena is a dangerous place. Not only will you battle against ferocious skeletons, goblins, and wizards in PvE as well as other players looking to survive to the end, but there are also objects and obstacles that go BOOM and give your Hero more than a headache.

  • Ignite

Covers the Hero in flames, which deals damage over time

  • Shock

Covers the Hero in electricity, which increases all damage dealt to the player

  • Chill

Covers the Hero in a layer of frost, which decreases their movement speed

  • Blind

Flashes blinding light into the Hero’s eyes, which greatly reduces their vision

  • Poison

Infects the Hero with a debilitating poison, which decreases their maximum HP

  • Bleed

Makes the Hero bleed profusely, which deals damage any time they move

Be careful with those barrels, they can set you up on FIRE

Player Stats

There are 3 main stats the player will need to manage to improve their hero and survive the battle royale. It is important to note that stat increases only count for the current match: all Heroes begin every match with default values that improve during the match. Each stat has its own icon which is displayed on the HUD, ready to be clicked when the Hero levels up.


Power increases the amount of damage the Hero deals with their attacks.

  • Heroes start the match with a default Power of 1
  • Each point of Power grants one additional point of damage to the Hero’s attacks, which is added on top of the weapon’s base damage value, and influenced by other attack modifiers


Vitality determines the maximum amount of Health the Hero has.

  • Heroes start the match with a default Vitality of 1
  • Each point of Vitality increases the maximum amount of Health by 25 points
  • The Hero is also healed by 25 when they increase Vitality


Agility affects the maximum movement speed of the Hero.

  • Heroes start the match with a default Agility of 1
  • Each point of Agility increases the maximum speed by 15%
Fight, collect XP doobers, and level up your stats

Bit Heroes Arena (Open Beta) will be released on November 16th, and will have the option to use your Bitverse NFT Heroes within the game! Since this is an Open Beta, your feedback will be crucial to help shape the development of the game, so be sure to join our growing Discord community, and don’t forget to follow us on social media!

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