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2 min readJul 21, 2023


Bit Heroes Quest Summer Vibes Event

Summer is just getting started in Bit Heroes Quest! Get your sandals and parasols ready, this is going to get hot!

Find watermelons by playing the different game modes in Bit Heroes Quest. Visit Sardinex every day to obtain even more of these juice fruits.

Sardinex has prepared amazing rewards for this event, from cosmetics to Bitgor!

Sardinex needs watermelon!

During the Summer Vibes event, SHARKIE, the most adorable shark of Shark Week, will accompany you on countless adventures. Sharkie will be available from July 23rd to July 30th. Don’t miss out!

Sharkie is back during Shark Week

Put on sunscreen — Summer Vibes will be in Bit Heroes Quest July 20th to August 3rd

Summer is magic!

Get exclusive cosmetics during the event

We’d be remiss if we didn’t take the opportunity to remind everyone that Bitverse Heroes Gen1 are available for purchase right now at Your digital avatar is yours to own and stores its progress and can be used in any game within the Bitverse! Owning a Bitverse Hero grants in-game and out-of-game Perks. Read more by visiting today!

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