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3 min readNov 14, 2022
Bit Heroes Arena and Bit Heroes Runner will join Bit Heroes Quest as the first 3 games in the Bitverse.

My, What a Busy Week!

That’s right, Heroes. We are proud to announce we are launching two new games into the Bitverse.

  • Bit Heroes Arena (Open Beta) launches November 16th!
  • Bit Heroes Runner launches November 17th!

Bit Heroes Arena is a top-down battle royale that pits you against up to 40 other players in a fight to the finish. PvE monsters, dangerous dungeons, and an ever-shrinking map stand in your way. Be the last Hero standing!

Bit Heroes Runner is a side-scrolling runner where you can jump, dive, and dash into new 8-bit adventure. Hounded by an angry titan that chases you at every turn, you’ll need to collect coins and upgrade your gear to make it to the finish line.

What else? Oh yeah! Both games will launch with Bitverse Hero support already baked in.

That’s right, your Bitverse Hero can be played in each game, allowing you to start storing your progress and taking it with you across all games within the Bitverse.

In addition to these games, we are currently working on having Bitverse Heroes available to play in our flagship title Bit Heroes Quest very, very soon!

We’ve also made changes to webpage to help players hook up their accounts to and to help guide you through the process of purchasing your very own one-of-a-kind Hero.

We are also super excited to announce that as of today, the GameStop Wallet has been enabled on, so you can purchase a Portal, summon your Hero, and stake them so that they are ready to play later this week!

We cannot be more excited to show off all the hard work we’ve done to make the Bitverse the best metaverse around!

Bit Heroes Quest News

To celebrate the launch of these two new expansions into the Bitverse, we’ll also be running some awesome giveaways and offers in Bit Heroes Quest.

From November 16th to November 23rd, new events and cosmetics will be available to earn.

Starting November 17th to December 1st, join us for the Bit Harvest Special Event!

Here’s a taste of the brand new cosmetics available during this Harvest event!

It’s corn. It’s got the juice.

Community Updates

And that’s not all! Our Community team is starting up 2 new contests for you to check out!

Bit Heroes Runner Sneaker Design Contest

  • Design either a digital or physical shoe design in honor of the release of Bit Heroes Runner!
  • Check out the announcement for this contest and the available prizes here.

Bit Heroes Arena Armor Design Contest

  • Design a set of armor in honor of the release of Bit Heroes Arena to earn prizes!
  • See what prizes are available here.

Let’s get creative!

Be sure to mark your calendar for the following community events as well

  • Nov 16th — We’ll be playing Bit Heroes Arena live on Twitch
  • Nov 17thAMA session with developers Jorge & Paul, starting at 3pm PST.
  • Nov 18th — We’ll be playing Bit Heroes Runner live on Twitch

Do not miss these events! To stay in the loop on these announcements and others, be sure join the community on Discord.



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