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3 min readNov 17, 2022


Get ready, Heroes! Bit Heroes Runner launches TODAY!

Run, Jump, Slash, Loot

The time has finally come! Bit Heroes Runner launches today, November 17th, 2022.

We have been hard at work creating the next new game in the ever-expanding Bitverse!

Bit Heroes Runner is an adventure-driven side-scrolling endless runner, complete with dangerous pitfalls, crazy obstacles, and troubling monsters — all in the retro 8-bit style you know and love.

You’ll hack and slash your way across a procedurally generated map, with a titan chasing after you at every turn. Collect coins to buy gear that’ll help you defeat the creatures in your way who are determined to slow you down. Jump, swing, and dash your way through portals into different and exciting areas.

Run like your life depends on it!


Your main objective in Bit Heroes Runner is to RUN! Loot as many coins and gear upgrades as you can, killing monsters and avoiding hazards while constantly escaping from the threats of the Bitverse.

  • Dodge obstacles & enemies while trying to survive as long as possible
  • Collect coins to purchase powerful gear.
  • Upgrade your gear to increase your power
  • Dash through portals to uncover new sections
  • Unlock and equip powerful items to enhance your Hero
  • Customize your Hero! Own your brand!
Run for your LIFE!
Run, evade, fight your enemies
Run & collect coins
Fuse similar weapons to unlock more powerful ones.
Portals will let you reach new areas.
Choose your weapon
Customize your hero
Choose from your inventory of Bitverse heroes or use your F2P character
Magnets, multipliers, shields and more will help you stay alive and get a higher score
After fighting an enemy your weapon will need a potion to be restored


You can find different items that will help you keep going and never stop running. Some items are defensive, like the shield which helps protect you from monsters you’ll encounter along the way. Others will increase your power which will help you defeat these threats.

Magnets: This item will help you attract coins to your hero, allowing you to concentrate on the obstacles and enemies.

Multipliers: With the multiplier your score will double while collecting coins and destroying enemies.

Shields: This item will protect your Hero from enemies. Everybody loves being invincible!

Bitverse Hero

Don’t forget the most important part! Your Bitverse Hero stores your progress AND you can take that progress from game to game within the Bitverse! Heroes also allow special perks both in-game and out! For more info, check out this handy article.

Buy your Bitverse Hero today.

Get ready to run!

Bit Heroes Runner is available on, We plan to have a mobile version ready very soon! Keep an eye out for updates by joining our Discord or following us on social media!

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