Hello heroes!

The latest version of Bit Heroes Runner is available now! To celebrate the latest release, we’re sharing Tips & Tricks to get your Hero going and smash your way to the top of the leaderboards.

Get ready, Heroes… this is going to be good!

Bit Heroes Runner Update

Score Multiplier

We’ve fixed an issue with the way rewards work in the game. Now, you can continue to increase the score multiplier as you run, topping out at x61.

Bit Heroes Runner multiplier cap is 61

Remember to complete Missions and upgrade your equipment to increase your score multiplier.

Get rewards by finishing missions

New Adventure

Adventure 4 Burning Fields is OUT

This is going to get HOT!! Burning Fields is a brand-new adventure with a completely new location, including skins, weapons — and more!

Bit Heroes Runner Tips & Tricks

Visit the Forge

A good Hero needs to have the right equipment. The best equipment allows your Hero to face-off against more powerful enemies.

Visiting the Workshop will often make sure your gear is the best it can be. Merge items so that your equipment reaches a Mythic level to fight the biggest obstacles.

Some equipment items will grant extra bonuses, so be on the lookout for them. Items with multiple bonuses help in different ways, so it might be better to equip an item with more than one bonus, to help broadly improve your Hero.

For example, these 2 Epic helmets are giving you a boost in gold, BUT the second one also increases your score multiplier by +4.

Upgrading your equipment, and choose the one that give you more bonuses

Upgrading your equipment can not only help you fight against powerful enemies, but also improve your score multiplier, bonus gold obtained from monsters, and much more.

Fuse your item to get more powerful equipment

Mega Jump:

The mega jump will allow you to reach areas that are difficult to access — areas with even more rewards.

To perform a mega jump, you must press the down key (“s” or “↓”) on a Launch Pad. This can be a mushroom, a cloud, or other environmental platforms, depending on which adventure you are in.

Use the mega jump in launch pads to reach higher areas

The mega jump is very useful, especially in the Cloud Bonus Stage, where it can help you cover long distances that you can’t reach with a normal jump.

We hope these Tips & Tricks were helpful to you! Have top tricks of your own that you want to share? Share them on our Discord with our amazing Bit Heroes Community!

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