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Play Bit Heroes Runner in iOS

The wait is over, Heroes!

Get ready to run, fight, and climb the rankings from your favorite Apple iPhone & iPad.

Bit Heroes Runner has arrived on iOS!

Runner is finally on iOS

Avoid obstacles, collect treasures, destroy your opponents, and escape from the monsters in a non-stop action platformer that brings old school 8-bit graphics to life!

Bit Heroes Runner Features

  • Dodge obstacles & enemies while trying to survive as long as possible
  • Collect coins to purchase powerful gear
  • Upgrade your gear to increase your power
  • Dash through portals to uncover new sections
  • Unlock and equip powerful items to enhance your Hero
  • Customize your Hero!
  • Compete against the community in daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards
Run, Jump, Escape!

In Bit Heroes Runner, you can play as a normal hero OR you can use your powerful Bitverse Hero, which will store your progress and inventory within the digital asset. You can improve your Hero’s stats just by playing the game and taking your Hero to any game in the Bitverse.

Play Bit Heroes Runner, Bit Heroes Quest, and Bit Heroes Arena on mobile and on

Collect coins in the cloud level

Bitverse Heroes Gen1 are available for purchase right now at Your digital avatar is yours to own! Stores your game progress and take your Hero with you into any game within the Bitverse metaverse! Owning a Bitverse Hero grants in-game and out-of-game Perks. Read more by visiting today!

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