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Hello Heroes!

We hope you have had a wonderful holiday season and that you are ready for everything that the Bitverse will bring in 2023.

Today, we will dedicate this blog to sharing with you some tips & tricks to dominate in Bit Heroes Arena (Open Beta).


There’s nothing better than taking your enemies completely by surprise to deliver the lethal blow.

Look for different opportunities to perform this maneuver by developing good map awareness. Taking advantage of cover, being able to duck into a building to escape or set up an ambush, and skirting the edge of the storm to gate-keep latecomers can help give you the edge and take your opponent out in a flash!

Mastering these techniques will help you identify situations where you might be in danger of an ambush, too. Moving carefully from zone-to-zone, keeping an eye on the storm, and being aware of enemy Heroes hiding behind cover will help keep you from getting jumped on!


When prioritizing your inventory, you’ll want to get the best gear and weapons available.

This means you might choose not to pick up some items like shurikens or bombs in favor of a haste or healing potion. As a general rule, you always want to leave a little room in your inventory for potions, as they can be super useful to get an advantage.

But keep in mind that items like bombs can be incredibly useful, especially when clearing groups of monsters quickly!

Remember: the more monsters you destroy, the faster you can collect orbs and level up.

Bombs and area-of-effect items can be used to clear the map before your opponents do.


Do not forget that the abilities of the weapons can be used not only offensively, but you can also use them to gain ground, move, and explore the secrets of the arena. Abilities that grant mobility boosts can be useful to get to a location before others do.


While at its core, Bit Heroes Arena is a PvP game, defeating wandering monsters and summoning circles can be the difference in the loot and XP curve.

Clearing monsters can be the difference between leveling up and falling behind as you head toward the end-game.

Likewise, if you think you have an opponent in the vicinity, you can use monster circles to lure your opponent in and take them on, splitting their focus.

We hope these tips help you climb the ladders to the top and be the last Hero standing!

Good luck in the Arena, Heroes.

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