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The Arena is open

The Forge

The Forge allows you to change your gear in Bit Heroes Arena!

Access the Forge from your Home Screen to see three tabs Upgrade, Craft, and Distill in the Forge menu.

Upgrade: Use Coins to improve your equipped gear.

Unleash your equipment by upgrading it

On the right side of the menu are your gear’s current perks and what you can unlock by spending gold to upgrade it.

In this example, it would cost us 200 gold to upgrade your Nordic Mail to add Elvish Metal, which will make our armor glow when an enemy player is nearby.

Each upgrade increases the cost in gold, so be sure to save your coins!

Craft: Create new gear with powerful modifications!

Collect materials and upgrade your gear

On this screen, you can sort your gear by type. Once selected, you can see what ingredients are required to craft a new recipe.

Materials are dropped from slain monsters, bosses, and other players. The type of materials depends on the monster (some may drop bone fragments, others may drop cloths, for example), and the higher the level of the monster, the higher the chance they drop harder-to-find materials. Materials can also be collected with pets.

Materials are broken down into different categories (Organic, Ethereal, Mineral, Fluid, etc.) and different items require different materials to craft.

Pets are special companions that you can obtain as a battle spoil reward. Once you have a pet egg, you can hatch it and unlock this creature that will help you to collect materials during the game.

Check your pet attributes for more information about the type of material that can collect in the game.

Pets can collect different materials

To change the stats of an item, you’ll need to acquire Modifier Materials, which can be acquired during matches as you play. Once you have all the required ingredients, you can craft a new version of the gear with the special modifiers for a cost in gold.

Crafting new gear means you’ll be more powerful in the Arena and more likely to defeat your enemies!

Note: Distilling an item creates also drops a crafting recipe!

Distill: Learn new recipes to craft new gear!

Obtain a recipe from an owned item with Distill

Distilling allows you to obtain a recipe from an owned item by breaking it down into its parts. This is especially useful when you have duplicate recipes in your inventory. With the Forge, you always have the option of choosing between melting the recipe or crafting the item.

You can sort recipes by gear type, and select the recipe you wish to Distill.

On this screen, you can select which items you want to Distill, view the selected item’s stats, and see the percentage chance that your Distillation succeeds.

You have multiple attempts to get your recipe, but If you successfully Distill your item, you’ll see the following screen:

Recipe Obtained

Once a recipe is gained from distilling, this screen will also show which ingredients are required to craft the recipe (click the ‘i’ icon to see the details of what the items are and where to find them).

For more information, check the following video

We think this new feature will allow players to truly customize their Arena experience to their liking, allowing them to craft new items and make their characters their own!

The Forge puts the power of grinding gear into your hands, making collecting ingredients to upgrade your loot to your liking, or to put your hard-earned winnings to good use.

Good luck, Heroes. We’ll see you in the Arena!

Bit Heroes Arena Livestream

Tomorrow, May 17th at 1:15 pm PDT, we are hosting a Bit Heroes Arena livestream on Kongregate’s YouTube channel! Join us and have a great time with more members of the Arena community.

Let’s play Bit Heroes Arena tomorrow at 1:15pm PDT

Bit Heroes Arena is only available on the web.

Bitverse Heroes Gen1 are available for purchase right now at

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