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Bitverse heroes are enabled in Bit Heroes Quest

The time has come! Bitverse Heroes are enabled in Bit Heroes Quest.

Now you can choose whether to play with your current character or start a new adventure with your Bitverse Hero.

In this article, we’ll go over the first steps, so you can start using your Hero in Bit Heroes Quest.

Don’t forget to check out this article dedicated to staking, because you will need to stake your Hero in order to use it in all Bitverse games.

Hero Selection

Now that you can have multiple Bitverse Heroes, it’s time to select which Hero you want to use.

By default, when a player logs into the game, they will be in a session with the last Hero they used. This means that if a player buys and stakes their first Bitverse Hero, when they first log in, they will still have their Basic Hero selected.

You must be in Town, the Fishing Island, and the Guild Halls to change your Hero. You cannot change your Hero in combat or while in a dungeon.

To change your Hero. Follow these steps:

Find the Hero Selection Icon, which is located in the following two places:

On Top of the Hero Icon

In the Top Left corner of the Hero Menu

Once selected, a menu will pop up displaying all the Heroes that the Player owns. The selected Hero will be highlighted.

To switch Heroes, click the Hero’s image/nameplate you want to use, then tap the CONFIRM button.

Confirm and get ready to use your hero

If you do not see your recently purchased Bitverse Hero in your inventory or any staked Heroes in the menu, click the REFRESH button. There may be some delay in receiving the data from the IMX blockchain/Bitverse, so please be patient.

Hero Bound vs Player Bound Items

Every item, resource, and currency in the game will now be Hero Bound or Player Bound:

  • Hero Bound: Inventory belonging to that specific Hero only. These Cannot be used by any other Hero; they will only appear in that Hero’s Inventory.
  • Player Bound: Inventory belonging to the Player. Player Bound inventory can be used by any Heroes the player owns; they will show up in all the Player’s Heroes’ Inventories.

In summary, Currencies (Gold and Gems), all Consumables (Gors, Boosts, Resource Consumables), and Guild Honor are Player Bound.

Everything else (Energy, Tickets, Badges, Tokens, Deals, Shards, Equipment, Materials, etc) is Hero Bound.


Boosts are Player Bound, meaning once a Boost (ie Gor such as Adgor and Permagor) is activated, all the Heroes belonging to the player can benefit from it. This means as long as the Boost is active, players can freely switch between all their Heroes and have the Boost applied to each one.

Bitverse Heroes perk: Ad-free Experience

Bitverse Heroes with the rarity Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic will have the Perk of an Ad-free Experience. YES! You heard us right!

Note: Although all of a Player’s Heroes can benefit from the Adgor once it’s activated, the Player MUST be on the Rare+ Bitverse Hero in order to benefit from the Ad-free Experience (Rare, Epic, Legendary or Mythic). Even if they own a Legendary Bitverse hero, if they’re playing on their Basic Hero they will be served ads.

Adgor needs an activation. This activation needs to be done in the Rare+ Bitverse Hero (NFT).
After it’s activated, it’ll apply it to the “player”, so all of their heroes (even their Basic ones) will get the benefits.
Adgor lasts for 4 hours. On the current version of the game, in order to get the “infinite adgor” experience, players would need to switch to their Bitverse Hero (NFT) every 4 hours of play and refresh their Adgor.

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