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Bit Heroes Quest new event

Mobileversary event

Let’s get ready to rumble with a new Bit Heroes Quest event, Mobileversary, where we celebrate the anniversary in which the game was ported to the engine Unity, and therefore made the Bit Heroes Quest available on mobile devices. This year is the 7th Mobileversary!

Bit Heroes Quest town is all about Mobileversary

During this event, you need to collect the special material, Standman W606, and search for Sardinex to access awesome cosmetics!

We have some special bundles during Mobileversary, where you can obtain Future Warrior and Robohorse, do not miss this opportunity!

Bit Heroes Quest Future Warrior cosmetic
Impress the world with Robohorse

Dungeon 4 is opening!

A new adventure is upon us, heroes! Galactic Trials, Martyr’s Garden, will put all your skills to the test.

Martyr’s Garden is here

One of the coolest features of this dungeon is that enemies from previous dungeons in Galactic Trials will reappear here! The battle is not over. Not only that, they will be more challenging and will revive after defeating them.

Are you ready for the challenge?

One ring to rule them all!

In Dungeon 4, players will have a chance to find a brand new Ancient Ring, Sacramentum.

Ancient Ring, Sacramentum.

There are 3 different effects of Sacramentum and each one pertains to roles in the party:

- Support — Boost Max Life and Life Steal for the Group

  • Increase all teammates’ Max Health by 15% & Life Steal by 7%.
  • Your fastest ally’s first attack on an opponent gains 100% Braveheart and 20% Damage bonus.

- Tank — Increase all teammates’ Armor by 7%.

  • During the first 2 turns, you have 100% chance to curse your enemies.

- DPS — Boost accuracy for the Group

  • Increase all teammates’ Accuracy by 7%.
  • Your first attack on each enemy applies Deathmark and reduces their Current Health by 15%

YOU can choose to reforge this ring to get 1 of the 3 effects

Sacramentum is that this ring is designed to fully benefit a full party of players

Happy Mobileversary!

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