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5 min readAug 22, 2022


It’s official! The long wait is nearly over: On 9/22/22, we are launching our Generation 0 Bitverse NFT Heroes!

Since we first announced Bitverse Heroes, we have received tons of interest and questions about the project. Folks want to know about the perks associated with ownership of such a Bit-tacular asset. Today, we’re answering these questions as we reveal the Generation 0 Bitverse Heroes’ unique abilities.

Let’s get started!

Bitverse Heroes exist in five rarities: Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic. Each rarity has huge perks and advantages that will become apparent as players spend time in the Bitverse.

Generation 0 Perks


  • Stamp your identity on all of the Bitverse-branded games with a unique, 1-of-1 Hero that is exclusive to you
  • Use your unique Hero as your identity across social media including as a profile picture
  • Bitverse Heroes can be used in all of the Bitverse-branded games
  • Heroes will become playable in BitHeroes Quest, BitHeroes Arena, and BitHeroes Runner in 2022
  • Heroes will be playable in all future Bitverse games
  • In-game progression (XP & non-NFT items) will be stored with your Bitverse Hero
  • If ownership of a Bitverse Hero changes, in-game XP and items will transfer with it.
  • You’ll earn a special role within our Discord that shows off your owner status
  • A special channel in the Bitverse Discord will be dedicated to Bitverse Hero owners, where you will have exclusive access and provide direct feedback to developers
  • You can purchase a Season Pass that will feature various quests across all Bitverse games — accessible only to Bitverse Hero owners — with the potential to earn cool rewards* like NFT equipment, $BPXL, unique items, and/or schematics
  • Exclusive daily missions available
  • We plan to host exclusive in-game events for Bitverse Hero owners
  • Live PvP event in Quest
  • Tournaments in Arena
  • Leaderboard Tournaments in Runner
  • Access to exclusive events in future games
  • Bitverse Hero owners will receive a $BPXL bonus after reaching their first milestone each day*
  • Bitverse Hero owners will receive a $BPXL bonus after their first victory each day*
  • Bitverse Hero owners will receive a $BPXL bonus after completing their first PvP win each day*
  • Ability to earn $BPXL during play*
  • Bitverse Hero owners will have access to a brand new feature in Quest — 1v1 $BPXL bets*
  • Both players must have a Bitverse Hero (NFT)
  • Exclusive offers will periodically be available to Bitverse Hero owners in the Game Store
  • Bitverse Hero owners will be eligible for daily ad bonuses without having to watch Ads
  • It’s like having a permanent boost in BitHeroes Quest
  • You’ll receive bonus Gems whenever you purchase Gems in-game, as long as you are using your Bitverse Hero*
  • Receive bonus Gems when you exchange $BPXL for Gems*
  • Gain Priority Access for upcoming Beta releases
  • Bitverse Hero owners will be air-dropped an exclusive NFT pet that matches their Hero’s rarity and can be used in all Bitverse games*
  • Must own the Hero at time of air-drop to be eligible
  • Bitverse Hero owners will be air-dropped an exclusive NFT mount that matches their Hero’s rarity and can be used in all Bitverse games*
  • Must own the Hero at time of air-drop to be eligible
  • Receive bonus staking rewards as long as you own a Bitverse Hero of the appropriate rarity*
  • Must own the Bitverse Hero for the duration of the staking period to be eligible
  • Access to a discord channel that only features other mythic Bitverse Hero owners and Bitverse Developers

These exciting perks will stay with the Generation 0 Bitverse Heroes for the lifetime of the Bitverse Project. As we keep expanding the Bitverse with new games and new modes, we will retrofit these first Heroes to ensure that they hold value and remain sought after as collector utility items.

We hope you find these perks as exciting as we do! Please check out our recent blog post on the attributes that make up the Bitverse Heroes. Look out for more information regarding the Presale event (9/22/22) coming out over the next couple of weeks on Medium and within our Discord server. Until then, please come join the conversation taking place with the Discord server.

*These perks will be coming out in early 2023 and we will announce them in our blog and discord in advance of roll-out to ensure folks have time to prepare accordingly.

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