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2 min readNov 23, 2023


Bit Harvest event is here

As the crisp autumn breeze sweeps through the pixelated landscapes of Bit Heroes Quest, a new event is set to unfold, bringing joy, excitement, and a cornucopia of rewards! Welcome to the Bit Harvest event — a special celebration that promises bountiful adventures, exclusive loot, and a harvest frenzy like never before.

Sardinex needs your help in this Bit Harvest

🌾 Dive into the Bountiful Bit Harvest:

Embark on a journey through the Thanksgiving season as Bit Heroes Quest transforms into a land of plenty. The Bit Harvest event introduces a unique opportunity to gather Wheat Sheaves, unveiling themed loot scattered across various game modes.

🌟 Exclusive Rewards Await:

Sardinex needs your help! Participate in the harvest frenzy to accumulate Wheat Sheaves and unlock the doors to an incredible array of exclusive rewards. The Bit Harvest event store is stocked with treasures, including one-of-a-kind cosmetics such as Onion Knight and Bread Knight, the elusive Yeggi (an exclusive Fusion Familiar), Bitgor, boosts, energy, materials, and a special schematic. Your legend in the Bit Heroes Quest world is about to reach new heights with these limited-time offerings.

🦃 Meet Yeggi — Your New Companion:

Feast your eyes on Yeggi, the exclusive Fusion Familiar specially introduced for the Bit Harvest event. This veggie-themed companion is not only adorable but also a formidable ally in your quest. Don’t miss the chance to add this unique Familiar to your collection!

Get Yeggi during the Bit Harvest event

🎁 Limited-Time Opportunity:

The Bit Harvest event is a fleeting moment in the Bit Heroes Quest universe, so seize the opportunity to enhance your journey and make this Thanksgiving season truly memorable. From November 23rd to December 7th, the world is yours to explore, harvest, and conquer.

We’re also excited to reveal some of the artistic concepts that inspired our exclusive cosmetics for the Bit Harvest event to the community.

The art behind Bit Heroes Quest

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