Halloween Thrills Await!

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2 min readOct 26, 2023


Get ready to rock on Halloween

Dive into the spooky world of Bit Heroes Quest’s Halloween Event, October 19th to November 2nd!

Get ready for spine-tingling adventures as you explore our revamped Halloween Town, where eerie surprises await around every corner.

During this event, you can earn Spooky Notes in all game modes. These notes are your ticket to exclusive treasures that you can exchange with the enigmatic Sardinex, including the beloved Bitgor. Discover limited-time cosmetics to transform your hero into a Halloween legend, harness powerful boosts to conquer the darkest dungeons, and gather rare materials that will aid your quest.

Whether you’re a battle-hardened warrior or a novice adventurer, everyone is welcome to partake in this thrilling Halloween celebration. But beware, for the Halloween magic will fade into the night on November 2nd.

Don’t miss out on this spooky adventure — join now and craft unforgettable memories in the world of Bit Heroes Quest!

Song Lyric content

This year’s Halloween Rock and Roll Monster Bash is underway, but our performers missed a critical step in their preparations…

**They forgot their song lyrics at home. **

The band forgot the lyrics at home!

It’s a Halloween Monster Bash, Bitverse-style,
Underneath the haunted moon’s wild smile.
Dancin’ with the creatures of the night,
In the Bitverse, we’ll find our fright.

So join us now, don’t be afraid,
In Bitverse’s Monster Bash, a memory’s made.
With your lyrics, we’ll bring the thrill,
A Halloween to remember, it’s the Bitverse’s skill!

Starting October 19th, players will be able to submit their very own Bitverse Halloween song lyrics for a chance to win amazing prizes.

🦇 2023 Halloween Cosmetic Set of your choice

🦇 1500 Gems

🦇 XL Pack

🦇 Exclusive discord role (Bitverse Artisan)

🦇 Content featured on Social Media

For more information about the event, rules, and how to submit your lyrics, check this post on our Discord server.

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