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The launch of Bit Heroes Arena and Bit Heroes Runner is almost here! In this article, we will explain the process that we use to get your Hero ready to go!

To do that, we need to explain a common concept in blockchain technology — Staking.

Staking is the process of locking in a crypto asset in order to obtain rewards, utilize it in a Dapp, or earn interest.

In the Bitverse we use a similar concept for allowing your Hero to be used in the Bitverse games. Staking your Hero allows you to use your unique avatar in the game, as well as store information and progress.

Let’s get this rolling!

After connecting your wallet to Immutable X, you will notice that your Bitverse Heroes will be visible in My Assets. These are the assets you currently own.

Your hero collection in Immutable X

Your Bitverse Heroes are also visible in your Inventory on You’ll need to select the Hero that you want to use in games and click stake.

Stake option to have your hero ready for the Bitverse

A pop-up will appear asking you to confirm this action.

IMPORTANT: Once you stake a Hero, it essentially moves the NFT from your wallet to a centralized location for reading. This means that your NFT is playable in the game, but cannot be traded or sold on the Marketplace.

We plan to introduce the ability to “un-stake” your Hero by the end of January 2023. This will allow you to move your NFT back to your wallet and make your Hero available to trade on the Marketplace once more.

Once you click Yes, a pop-up will appear, requesting permission to transfer the Bitverse Hero. Click “Confirm” and follow the instructions to sign your request.

Confirm that you are staking the Bitverse hero
Signature request from Immutable X

Once your hero is staked, you can check on to see that the hero is not currently available.

Note: You can stake all the heroes that you are planning to use in the games.

Once your hero is stake, you won’t be able to see it in your Immutable X collection
It’s time to use your hero in the Bitverse

Your Bitverse Heroes will be available to play in Bit Heroes Arena (Open Beta) on November 16th and in Bit Heroes Runner on November 17th. Bit Heroes Quest in-game functionality is currently being worked on and should be available at the end of November. Keep an eye out for further updates by joining our Discord.

Bitverse Heroes are available for purchase right now at

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