Generation 1 is Coming!

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2 min readDec 12, 2022


The Bitverse welcomes the next generation of Bitverse Heroes on December 19th a 10:00 am PST.

Unlike Gen0, there will be no Allow List or Reservation to sign up for access. All sales of Gen1 Bitverse Heroes will be first-come, first-served, so get yours while they last!

We’ll be rolling out batches of new Portals over time, starting in December with the first wave of Gen1 Heroes. More Heroes will be available starting in January and releasing weekly.

We’ll be releasing a total of 194 Portals for this initial Gen1 sale:

  • 140 Common — $109
  • 18 Rare — $369
  • 18 Epic — $679
  • 18 Legendary — $1,249

Each Portal has a chance to open a different rarity of Gen1 Hero, each with its own unique 1:1 art attributes. Read all about the Perks of ownership here.

Don’t forget! You can take your Bitverse Hero across all games in the Bitverse, including Bit Heroes Quest, Bit Heroes Runner, and even in the Open Beta of Bit Heroes Arena!

Be sure to check out these helpful videos on how to fund your wallet and connect it to in order to gain access to your Bitverse Heroes today!

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