Enter the Arena!

Bit Heroes Arena launches its Open Beta today!

That’s right. We had such a huge number of signups for Bit Heroes Arena’s Closed Beta that we decided, “What the heck… let’s make the game available for everyone!”

Yes, Gary. Everyone.

Now you too can join the fast-paced frenetic fury of the Bit Heroes Arena and fight for your life!


  • Face off against other players for dominance in this top-down, 8-bit battle royale
  • Defeat monsters and explore dungeons to gear up.
  • Earn gear and potions to improve your Hero and survive until the end
  • Find a way to escape the ever-closing storm that threatens to overtake you
  • Climb to the top of the leaderboards and become the best of the best

Open Beta

By launching Bit Heroes Arena in Open Beta first, YOU have a special opportunity to help us develop the game and make it the best thing in the Bitverse.

Join our ever-growing Discord community and keep up to date with Bitverse news & announcements!

But Wait, There’s More!

We are proud to announce that Bit Heroes Arena supports Bitverse Heroes NFT integration!

That’s right, you can use your newly minted Heroes in-game during the open beta! Your progress will be stored on your NFT and your Hero can be staked to be played in the game.

Show off your style and rarity in Bit Heroes Arena, even during the Open Beta!



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