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1 min readApr 20, 2023
Join the Bitverse on Reddit

The Bitverse is opening a Reddit Channel to expand the community to other platforms for players to chat. While it is one of the best places for web3 enthusiasts, it is also a great platform overall for the gaming community. Players can go on Reddit to discuss Bit Heroes Quest, post their stats, share strategies, or offer feedback on how to improve the game.

What content you can find in our new space?

Players can find a variety of content related to Bit Heroes Quest, Bit Heroes Arena, Bit Heroes Runner, and the Bitverse. You’ll find information about special events, fan art, guild recruitment, tip/tricks, memes, and much more!

Our community can also use Reddit’s Flair system to narrow down the topics they are looking for, which helps organize their feed to their preference.

When are we launching on Reddit?

Mark your calendars! Set your alarms! April 21st is the launch of r/BitverseOfficial!

See you on Reddit!

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