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An ominous rumbling can be felt around the entire realm of the Bitverse, shaking the world to its very core. Monsters and familiars act erratically, the country folk seek shelter, the chef drops their toast butter-side down.

The Titans have arrived in the Bitverse!

These gargantuan beings have roamed the cosmos since time immemorial, each one powerful enough to destroy the world a thousand times over. The only thing that stops them from wreaking havoc throughout the Bitverse is their knowledge that doing so would leave fewer things for them to point and laugh at. For now they are content roaming the land, annoying everyone they set their gaze upon.

Scholars from the Chroniclers’ Academy believe the magnitude of this event is comparable to the origin of time, when Cluck Gothra — the giant cosmic chicken — laid an egg that fell and broke on the ground, spilling forth the universal yolk. It is said the titans are the offspring of the primordial egg, and the egg white became pretty much everything else.

Legend tells that a Great Hero will mend the shell of the cosmic egg back to one piece, sending the titans back to the Abyss from whence they came.

- Excerpt from Bitverse Chronicles: The Titan Age

You will have the chance to summon a Bitverse Hero to join in the fight during the upcoming Bitverse Hero Pre-sale, beginning 9/22/22. As we get closer to this glorious day, we plan to unveil more details regarding the Bitverse Heroes and how they can join the fight.

Today, we are focusing on Portals — available for purchase during the Pre-Sale Event.

What is a Portal?

A Portal is an NFT that you buy that will serve as the gateway for summoning your Bitverse Hero.

Once you purchase your Portal, you will have the opportunity to “open” it and receive your Bitverse Hero NFT. Other projects may refer to Portals as “packs”, but we thought pack sounded too boring and besides, who would want the job of shoving a bunch of Heroes inside packaging?

How many Portals are available during the Pre-Sale Event?

We will be selling four different types of Bitverse Portals with differing quantities available, depending upon Portal type.

Common portal
Rare portal
Epic portal
Legendary portal

While each Portal type will summon a Bitverse Hero, the rarity of Hero will be dependent upon Portal type. Here’s a handy chart that shows this info, complete with some fancy numbers:

As you can see, the Bitverse is not a fan of round numbers. Haggis, the dreaded Titan responsible for creating Necronomiconomics (the science of undead accounting), has decreed that all math in the Bitverse should follow his twisted logic.

How much do the various Portals cost?

Now let’s talk about the prices of these portals. We have spent a tremendous amount of time thinking about the price point of our Bitverse Heroes and, correspondingly, Bitverse Portals.

We tried to research similar projects to see how our competitors approached pricing, but truthfully, there aren’t many projects like this one. We also made sure to do our due diligence identifying the wants and needs of our target audience, specifically…

  • Legacy Bit Heroes Quest players
  • Web3 players looking for exciting games that can be played right now
  • Blockchain guilds and other crypto-aficionados
  • NFT collectors

We’ve tried to create a set of NFTs that will appeal to our current and future players, by providing perks that provide value today and as the Bitverse matures.

We’ve also taken into account feedback from you — the community — when figuring a pricing model for these assets. There was some discussion on our Discord following a recent Q&A session where several of you mentioned concerns about the cost of entry for the Common Portal. We’ve adjusted that price point to better entice those in our community that are interested in trying out the Bitverse with a smaller commitment.

The Portals will sell for the equivalent pricing in your choice of either ETH or $IMX (which will be set at time of sale). Remember: these Pre-Sale prices are for Bitverse Heroes Generation 0 only! Any future drops may include price increases.

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