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2 min readMay 25, 2023
Sakura Forest is the new Bit Heroes Runner Adventure

As the sun sets over the pirate-infested waters of Adventure 6, our mighty Bit Hero sets out to explore the beautiful canopies of cherry blossoms found only in the Sakura Forest.

Bit Heroes Runner Adventure 7 is coming

Our hero has always admired the artfully designed temples and picturesque landscape of the forest. Armed with his trusty sword and thirst for adventure, he sets off for a new quest into the unknown.

Load your character with your best equipment

In Sakura Forest, you will find 4 new dungeons with never seen before enemies! New weapons, mounts, and equipment await our hero’s discovery.

Sakura Forest brings four new dungeons

Get ready… Adventure 7 begins next Monday, May 29th.

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