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The Arena is finally open

The time has come, Heroes! The arena is now open!

We want to sincerely thank you, the Bitverse community, for all the helpful feedback and insight you’ve provided during these months of open beta. We hope you enjoy countless days of fun in the arena!

New to Bit Heroes Arena? Catch up with this handy How To Play article that will get you hacking and slashing your way to the top of the leaderboards in no time!

Patch Notes

Get your hero ready and jump in the action

New Features


Unstaking has been rolled out to all games in the Bitverse! Staking allows you to move your Bitverse Hero from your wallet into the Bitverse to track your character’s progress, wins, and upgrades as well as letting you take your Hero into any game in the Bitverse!

Unstaking allows you to move your Hero back to your wallet, so you can sell or trade them on the market! Level up your Hero, deck them out with the best gear, then use them however you like! Your Hero is yours to own!

This is a huge accomplishment for us as a team, as it represents a culmination of several months of testing, iteration, and execution.

As of right now, your Bitverse Hero can start earning value, just by playing the games!

Own a piece of the Bitverse today! Gen1 Bitverse Heroes are available for purchase at!

Lobby system

The lobby system is included in this release

One of the most requested features during the Open Beta was the ability to create custom games, where more players could be added to a game before a match begins.

With the new lobby system, you will be able to start a match and test the different weapons before the battle starts, that way everyone has the chance to try new strategies and weapons to find what play style fits you best.

Try out your skills against a new dummy doll, who will be your best friend for these purposes. You can also spawn enemies to train against, so you can be ready to battle!

Battle Score Screen

Depending on your performance in the Arena, you will receive special rewards

After each battle, you will receive battle points based on your performance in the game. With these points, you can unlock chests and earn rewards!

Those chests are divided into Mundane, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic.

You are probably wondering what kind of goodies you can get from them, here is a summary:

  • Head equipment
  • Chest equipment
  • Jewelry
  • Pet eggs
  • Gold
  • Mineral, wood, leather, or fiber
  • Preparation of recipes
Hatch eggs and collect your pets

Stability Improvements

The release of Bit Heroes Arena also includes a slew of stability and performance enhancements, designed to make your experience smoother and more streamlined overall. As always, your feedback is incredibly valuable to us, so if you experience any issues with lag please contact our support team who will be happy to help!

Once again, we are incredibly excited to welcome you to the Worldwide Launch of Bit Heroes Arena!

Good luck, Heroes. We’ll see you in the Arena!

Bitverse Heroes Gen1 are available for purchase right now at

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