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We are excited to share more information regarding our plans to further develop the Bit Heroes universe. For those who may have missed our last announcement, we are creating multiple new games in the style of Bit Heroes across 2022 and 2023, creating what we lovingly refer to as the “Bitverse.” For more information, visit our website,

We understand that it is critical to hear the community and react based on the feedback we receive. For that reason, we would like to answer some questions that we have been receiving regarding game balance and integrity.


Q: Why are you choosing to create a Bitverse instead of focusing development resources on Bit Heroes?

A: Bit Heroes is an important part of our larger Bitverse world, so we are continuing to invest in the game’s development and hope you’ve noticed all the hard work the team has made in recent months. That said, increasing the team size won’t necessarily help speed up feature development time. We are increasing our resourcing where it does make sense, and we hope you will continue to see the impact on your gameplay experience.

Q: If I choose to only play a single game in the Bitverse will I be unable to progress as far or as quickly as users who play multiple?

A: This depends entirely on how much you choose to play! Our intention is not to punish or impede the progress of players who only wish to engage with a single game in the Bitverse. Instead, our goal is to enhance your overall experience should you choose to play our other titles. A person who plays a game extensively will find that they progress quickly compared to someone who plays multiple games to a lesser degree.

Q: Will cross-game items be too overpowered?

A: We have no desire to forsake our F2P audience! Players of all types are valued here. A balanced game is more fun for everyone! NFT items will be balanced according to the existing game rarities. We don’t want NFTs to be overpowered (although we may have some powerful rarities in the mix). We are looking at them as a way to add value to our community and our players.

Q: Are NFT Heroes capable of gaining XP faster than an existing free-to-play Hero?

A: We’re committed to providing a fun and balanced game experience. We plan for NFT heroes to progress at a similar speed to the Free-to-play ones already in the game.

Q: Will our Hero’s items retain the same stats across all games?

A: We want our players’ NFTs to be valuable and diverse. Every cross-game item will be usable across all Bitverse titles, but the item’s stats/progression will be unique to each game (a potential to increase their overall perceived desirability). Additionally, your NFT items will be upgradable!

Q:You’ve mentioned that these new projects will not require resources from the Bit Heroes team. With cross-game functionality, wouldn’t that inherently require time and effort from them?

A: Blockchain tasks will be primarily managed by new resources who are working independent of the main Bit Heroes team. This means that support will continue for Bit Heroes with a focus on bringing new and exciting features to the game (we are actually working on the game’s roadmap for Q2 and are incredibly excited for what’s to come). There is some collaboration that will need to happen between teams, but we estimate this to be minimal.

Q: Couldn’t this time be spent on addressing existing issues in Bit Heroes?

A: While our allocation of resources isn’t changing, we are in the process of redefining internal processes to make more room for dedicated Live Operations. Going forward, this part of the team will be focused on tasks like bug fixes, among others. From a development standpoint, a completely bug-free product is incredibly rare. That being said, bug resolution also depends on the severity of the bug, the impact it has and how quickly it can get fixed without harming other areas of the game.

We will be hosting a live Q&A on the Bitverse’s Discord server, to continue answering the questions that the community may have. The date/time will be announced on our social media accounts.
We have a form that you can use to send us your questions regarding the Bitverse, here.



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