⚔️ Bitverse Pre-Sale Details

On September 22, the Bitverse will be getting a little Bit NiFTier.

Summon Generation 0 Bitverse Heroes to help in the fight against the mysterious Titans that plague the Bitverse! Be one of the first on your block(chain) to get your hands on a Bitverse Hero Portal and summon forth a Great Champion to help restore order and tranquility to the land!

As we get closer to this momentous day, we have been sharing information related to the Bitverse Hero Pre-Sale. Recently, we published blogs related to:

Here are the most important dates leading up to the public sale of the Bitverse Heroes NFTs!

We’re getting so close!

As we get ready to go live with the sale, we want to talk about how to get your hands on these historic assets and the different ways to sign up for our Pre-Sale.

The Pre-Sale will allow players to sign up for minting early access. For the Pre-Sale, we will be utilizing an Allowlist.

What is an Allowlist?

An NFT Allowlist is a list of wallet addresses collected that allow certain community members a preferential spot for minting (buying) a new NFT collection.

The Bitverse Pre-Sale will utilize an Allowlist to help give priority buying spots to some of our most ardent supporters and community members.

Allowlist Window

On September 8th, we’ll open the Allowlist to help get early adopters on board. Follow the steps below to apply! You can also sign up to reserve a spot on the Allowlist for an additional fee.

Be sure to keep an eye out for other ways to join the Allowlist by following our Discord and Twitter, including giveaways and contests!

On September 20th, 2022 we’ll randomly select Allowlist applicants who will have an opportunity to mint first. You will be notified via Discord if you are selected.


Are you one of those people who never wins random drawings? Don’t want to take any chances with the Allowlist? We don’t blame you! Skip the Allowlist lottery by reserving your pack today for a small (non-refundable) fee and then sit back and watch everyone else fret on Discord ;)

Reserving a Bitverse Hero Portal will guarantee one Portal of the rarity of your choice will be held for you to purchase during the exclusive 24-hour Reservation Window that will take place from 17:00 UTC 9/21/22 through 17:00 UTC 9/22/22.

Reservations are available when the Allowlist opens on September 8th.

To make the reservation, you will need to pay the required reservation fee using either ETH or IMX. Upon placing your reservation, you will receive a confirmation email documenting your purchase. Please be sure to return to Bitverse.io during the above time slot. If you are unable to purchase your Portal during the reservation window, the reservation will be voided, and we will be unable to refund your deposit.

Pre-Sale Schedule

How to join the Allowlist

Step 1: Apply to the Allowlist

9/8/22, 17:00 UTC : The Bitverse Allowlist will open, and we will begin accepting applications on TheBitverse.io.

The Allowlist submission window will stay open for 11 days, until 9/19/22 at 17:00 UTC.

Step 2: Allowlist Selection

On 9/20/22, we’ll randomly select entries from the Allowlist applications and winners will receive an exclusive window to purchase an inaugural Generation 0 Bitverse Hero Portal before they go on sale to the general public.

We will notify the winners via Discord.

Step 3: Pre-Sale Begins!

The pre-sale begins September 21, 2022 and will be conducted in 3 stages:

Portals can be opened immediately after purchase, so there won’t be any annoying wait before summoning your Great Champion!

Mark your calendars! September 8th, 2022 — Allowlist Opens!

We hope this provides clarity on how you will be able to obtain your Bitverse Hero Portal(s) and you are just a wee BIT excited to join the Bitverse. Be sure to join our Discord if you have any questions, and stay tuned to this space as we get closer to the Pre-Sale for even more information and updates!

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